What's with all the feelings?

I've got food feelings and now blogging feelings, what am I harping on about? 

When I first began studying nutrition and was deep in scientific biochemical equations, all I could think was yes, but how is this relevant to our deep-rooted relationship with food? Whether we realise it or not, we have particular feelings for our food. We have our loyal breakfast food who is always there for us, the celebratory meal that feeds our accomplishments, guilty midnight fixes, rebound ice-cream and the list goes on. Of course, there's nothing wrong with loving our food, it's only when it turns into a destructive relationship that we need to take a step back and evaluate our choices. Just like those partners that we know, deep down, are no good for us, but damn we are addicted (hello Nutella, yes I'm talking about you). 

So how can we realise what's working against us before it's too late? Well that's the easy part, because we FEEL what's right and what's wrong. Once we stop listening to random google searches and the latest diet trends, we know what works for us. It just may take some time to trust this inner feeling. It may take some time to trust in your own body. It may take some time to understand what works for some, doesn't work for you. 

But it's not all doom and gloom! Once you understand what doesn't work you can focus on the great foods that DO! When I talk about that "good food feeling" I'm referring to that healthy vibe you get when your body and mind are in sync, when it feels as if you could conquer anything, achieve your wildest dreams, just from eating well and becoming your best self. It is possible. Start with your food, add good movement, practice mindfulness and sleep well. The best combination for optimal feelings. 

If the world needs more of anything, it's us becoming more observant and in touch with our feelings. 


Much love,

Longlife x

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